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I can't believe it's been almost a year since I worked my last day as an active duty Air Force officer! WOW! Time really does fly by! I have started a full time job on the base, working in Logistics Readiness and already am very happy that I'm there. Believe it or not, I've found that I end up making more soap (and stuff) when I'm working full time than when I'm home on the farm all week long. One thing I AM going to stop doing and that is the weekend markets. This is so I will have the time on weekends to make product. I'll also still be available to do HOME PARTIES and this is where, if you don't mind being the hostess, you can score some great products without having to buy them yourself! Just provide the place and some munchies (I'll bring goat cheese and crackers) and at least 10 adults who are interested in trying out goat milk soap, lotion, and my other products. We'll do demos, I'll have a free sample gift for every attendee, and we'll even have a final drawing at the end for a free gift basket. Final tally of any products sold OR ordered that night, will get you 10 percent for products of your own. Please call us to set up a date and time and I'll be happy to advise you on invitation methods, etc.

Oct 08: NEWEST NEWS! Paul has been chosen to be part of the Auburn Bio-Truck tour team. Paul is now on the trip as I type this. This Biomass truck does NOT use gasoline, nor does it use Biofuel as in oils from fast food restaurants or corn oil. It burns things like wood and garbage. If you'd like to read more about it, go to Paul will be videtaping much of their tour and plans to upload the videos to the website.
AKA MonkeyLady

Feb 09: Well, some of our products are officially in the Adams Drug Store in our town of Wetumpka! They are currently carrying our soap and lotion in six matching scents, as well as our nail & cuticle oil, and our Buff Naked Salt Scrub. If there is anything else you'd like them to carry (for those of you who are local), be sure to stop by there and let them know! :)


August 2009 I'm sorry for delays in getting orders out. I apologize to all our customers and will try to do better. I have had some medical problems lately and we are working through those. Thank you for your patience!


Oct 2009: Paul is published! He has one book...oh sorry...he AND Brianna have one children's book published, so far! It's called "Brianna Marie Wants to Be...a Cowgirl", and it's for sale on line at, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million!  It's all about how we, as kids, with our imaginations and such, have our dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. Paul and Brianna already have a second book almost ready for publishing. That one is going to be "Brianna Marie Wants to Be...a Veterinarian".  We want to thank our artist, Carol Barksdale Meredith, for all her wonderful illustrations, which really MAKE the book! Thank you Carol!!

Paul plans to have a website up and running by the end of Oct 2009, where you can buy the book and also download a kid's coloring book version. The URL will be


July 7th, 2013

Wow, time just keeps flying by. I've been keeping up with the business of making goats milk soap and other body care products on the weekends and in the evenings in my spare time. Now, with the federal civilian furlough starting tomorrow, and I am faced with having two extra days off (without pay) each two week pay period, I think we will be needing to make and sell more soap! I promise there will be many more types of soap available in July and August...I'm busy making them now! We will also have a sale soon to kick it off!! So stay tuned!!! I am also offering a free bar of soap if you come over to LightYear Wireless and join me as a prepaid wireless representative or simply a cell service customer. Just go to to find out more!

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